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A tragedy: Part 2

As evening fell on April 6 1199, Richard I "the Lionheart" died at Chalus in France. His mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine was by his side. We can be very sure of this, because just days later she noted in a charter: “know that we were present at the death of our son the King”.

Eleanor had, by now, lost 7 of her 10 children. Only 3 - Leonor, Joanna and John - still lived. Richard's viscera were buried in the church at Chalus. His heart (wrapped in fine linens and perfumed with herbs, flowers, lime and frankincense) was sent to lie near his grandmother Matilda in Rouen. His body returned with Eleanor to Fontevraud, to lie alongsde his father Henry II, and in due course Eleanor herself ....

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