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Eleanor of Aquitaine Full Cover (final).

"The Cast List"

Originally the book was to contain a disambiguation list because, as everyone familiar with this era knows, there was a regrettable lack of variety in the first name department. Matildas, Williams Geoffreys - and indeed Eleanors all over the place.

So I did have in mind to include a list making clear which Matilda was which, and so forth. Michael Prestwich was not too keen on it as an idea, and we were very short of space (as the manuscript went about 20,000 words over my contracted number), so this list fell out. In the Preface, I have instead said that if anyone wants it they can pick it up here or on the website.

The Radegonde Mural and the Eleanor Psalter

As I was writing the book I had to confront two controversial areas. The first was - what on earth to say about the Radegonde Mural? The second was whether or not to accept the recent attribution of the Fecamp Psalter as a possession of Eleanor herself. As I looked at these questions it became apparent that the two questions were actually related - and also that the arguments were rather too complicated to put into the book. So I have referred, in the book to a full article - and this is it....

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