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The end approaches

On 24 November Eleanor had been at Hardby for four or five days, unable to move even the few miles which remained to the comforts of Lincoln.

Indeed, we know that she was now unable to leave her bed, and for the first time the wardrobe records become unambigous about her illness, for the day brings an entry recording the despatch of a courier to Lincoln to buy urinals.

The next day it was clear that the end was approaching. A courier was sent to Edward's closest surviving friend Robert Tybetot, who was thought to be at his manor, near Doncaster. The same day couriers were sent to London with urgent letters on account of the Queen's illness. Plainly all those who had not seen her recently were being summoned to come if they possibly could to bid her farewell.

The record then goes silent until 28 November.

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