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Queen of France, Queen of England,

Mother of Empires

Eleanor of Aquitaine Full Cover (final).

In the competition for remarkable queens, Eleanor of Aquitaine tends to win.

If you don't know about her, you have been missing out!

The headlines

Duchess in her own right, Queen of France, crusader, survivor of a terrible battle, kidnapped by her own husband, kidnapped by pirates, divorced for barrenness, Countess of Anjou, Queen of England, mother of at least five sons and three daughters, reputed rebel against her own husband, prisoner for fifteen years, ruler of England in her own right, traveller across the Pyrenees and Alps in winter in her seventies, and mentor to the most remarkable Queen medieval France was to know (her own granddaughter, obviously).

For a little more detail, and more reasons to want to know more about this remarkable woman, see this page ...

There is more detail, with snippets from Eleanor's calendar and the various podcasts etc on  the book's FB page  - where you can get some idea of the controversies which still rage about Eleanor over 800 years after her death ....

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