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A new look for the site in honour of Eleanor of Aquitaine's royal progress

In slightly more than a year's time my new book, a biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine, will be published.

Why another biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine, you may ask?

Well in the first place, with the greatest possible respect to the previous biographers I have never read a biography of Eleanor with which I was 100% happy, so when Amberley offered me the chance to have a go myself, that was a pretty irresistible offer.

Secondly the last few years has seen an explosion in Eleanor related studies and there is now a lot of material which has not been considered by a biographer. I think that some of it sheds important new light on Eleanor and her remarkable life. I hope that in due course you'll agree with me.

In the interim if any readers have issues relating to Eleanor which they'd like to raise - and particularly if there is a point you'd really like to see covered in the book, please let me know!

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