December 18, 2014

After the exertions of the funeral procession, and the overwhelming main funeral at the Abbey, 18 December was a day of peace for Eleanor’s family and friends.

A few very minor pieces of business were done – provision made for a verderer for the forest of Ayshlee a...

December 16, 2014

On 16 December it was St Pauls’ turn to celebrate mass, followed by the Dominicans at Blackfriars, and then the body was carried to Westminster.  There Eleanor’s body would have rested either in the Chapel of the palace, or more likely at the priory of St Mary Rouncev...

December 15, 2014

Some accounts suggest taht Eleanor's heart burial at the Dominicans was on 15 December, but the Flores Historiarum records that on 15 of December  the body, explicitly said to be dressed in full regalia and now rejoined by the King as well as many nobles and prelates,...

December 13, 2014

Having proceeded this far along Watling Street, it might seem obvious that the cortege should continue into London on this same course.  But that is exactly what did not happen.  Instead, it crossed across Hertfordshire for a further stop at Waltham Abbey, before proce...

December 12, 2014

A similar state of affairs pertains at the next stop, St Albans, home to one of England’s premier abbeys, and one with close links to the royal court.  It was from here that Matthew Paris wrote, with material which often indicates very good sources close to the throne...

December 11, 2014

With Dunstable we come to a new thrill in the procession – actual eyewitness testimony!  Because while the cross itself is numbered amongst the disappeared, there is an account of the cortege in Dunstable.

“Her body passed through Dunstable and rested there for one n...

December 10, 2014

Woburn Cross is another of the “disappeared” crosses, and even less well documented than Stony Stratford. In fact it may win the prize for “least mentioned” Cross, because we hear absolutely nothing about it after its initial construction!

But we do know that it existed...

December 9, 2014

After some rather long posts, we move into much sparser territory.  The Stony Stratford Cross is the second of the “disappeared” Crosses, where not even a fragment remains.

But the Crosses nearer London are better documented in the builders’ records and have attracted m...

December 8, 2014

From Geddington the funeral cortege followed a well worn path to Northampton.  At the heart of Eleanor’s property empire, these two destinations had been visited earlier in the year, and often since their first visit in 1274.

The route lay along the modern A43 and wende...

December 6, 2014

From Stamford we finally come to one of the surviving crosses at Geddington.  The first question which arises is: Why Geddington?

These days Geddington is a charming small village, whose nearest train station is Kettering.  In the C13 it was the site of a substantial ro...

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